Continuously Enhances Flavor in BOTTLE

Grains from the heartland


COLOR: Rich, Golden Brown 

NOSE: Caramel, Vanilla, Corn Bread

TASTE: Honey, Cloves

FINISH: Oak, Honey, Cloves, Smooth As Can Be

PROOF/ABV: 95 Proof - strong, but not overpowering. Symbolizes our never-ending 5% profit donation to military charities






By adding a brand new charred American white oak stave to each bottle and then sealing it, we keep the angel's share inside the bottle capturing all of the finer flavor components. We make the Angels thirsty™!

Best paired with good company. Serve on the rocks, neat, in a cocktail, or however you drink your bourbon- Big Stick Bourbon starts smooth on the palate with flavorful notes of cinnamon and clove. It has a very robust and rich aroma. A nice finish with hints of oak, caramel and vanilla from the in-bottle oak staves. What constantly impresses customers is how incredibly smooth it tastes - we get rave reviews. One of our Winemaker friends said this: 

Tasting notes from a winemaker perspective: A Winemaker's dream dessert without the date ;) . Smell: Dried orange with Meyer lemon zest, wet clay and forrest floor, vanilla bean, toasted meringue.

Taste: Honeycomb warm wooden notes with amber waves. Sweet orange blossom, membrillo (quince) and blanched almonds. The perfect balance of wood and honey.

Being the first and only whiskey that adds a BIG STICK to  continually improve flavor in the bottle, we suggest you re-visit your bottle periodically as color, nose, and taste will change over time, for the better! If it lasts that long!


The Bottle itself symbolizes our respect for the military - it is tall and straight  - at attention. It is NOT square - it has a slight hourglass shape symbolizing the cut of a military uniform with a trim belt line represented by the white background of the label.

The figure of Odin represents the warrior spirit present in all our armed forces and their oath to protect and defend our country. The colors of red, blue and gold also symbolize military colors with the gold braiding representing the uniform stripe embellishments. 


The reverse label tells our story while the barcode artwork reminds us of the Military warrior heritage which helped start our country.

Our motto - GO BIG OR GO HOME.