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We do not take charitable contributions directly. We donate a portion of our proceeds to Military charities of our choice. There are many unmet needs for service members, and many charities go unnoticed, but provide a valuable service. Please consider giving to one of our choices. Every time we make a new donation, we will list the charity's website here with a link to donate directly.

Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. Educating the children of those who sacrificed all.

Thanks to our generous donors, MC-LEF currently establishes a $35,000 educational account for every child who loses a parent serving in the United States Marine Corps or any Federal Law Enforcement Agency. Since our founding in 1995, MC-LEF has awarded over $79 million in educational accounts and other humanitarian assistance to over 4200 recipients. We  have only one paid employee and, therefore, the vast majority of our efforts are performed by a dedicated group  of  volunteers who run our various events.  Additionally,  all officers and board members are also volunteers and together,  we are extremely efficient in running our organization so that donor funds are predominantly used  to accomplish  our mission of Educating the Children of Those Who Sacrificed All.

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Semper Fi 3 Houston, Tx Memorial Honor Guard Detail  "Honoring those who served with honor."

In keeping with the United States Marine Corps tradition, “We take care of our own” and the Marine Corps Core values of  Honor, Courage and Commitment and in honor of those who lived the good life, fought the good fight and made the

 ultimate sacrifice, the SEMPER FI #3 Memorial Honor Detail is committed to provide to all veterans (men and women)  

of honorable service but not limited to other branches of service full military honors, with dignity, integrity and professionalism at the time of their interment in the Houston, Harris County, Texas area.

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